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Worldwide database of markets and deli's for muffoletta

Public's help requested

LOS ANGELES, California, USA The public's help is being requested to identify local markets and deli's in cities around the world that sell authentic muffoletta bread, muffoletta olive salad, and muffoletta sandwiches. 

Database of world markets

This website will develop and maintain a database of the world's best markets and deli's for muffoletta products (bread, salad and sandwiches).

The database will help the public locate sources for authentic muffoletta.

The database will include information from all the world's cities where the public has the opportunity to sample the authentic muffoletta.

Information requested

For any market, deli or other vendor that sells muffoletta bread, salad or sandwiches, please email the following information to our staff:

  • name of market or deli
  • name of the owner or manager of the market or deli
  • address (street, city, state, country)
  • telephone number
  • website (if available)
  • email address (if available)
  • list muffoletta products for sale
  • description of muffoletta products
  • prices of muffoletta products
  • review of muffoletta products (that is, how good are they?)
  • digital photographs/images
  • other information

In addition, please provide information about yourself, including your name, your relationship with the market or deli (that is, are you only a customer or are you an employee or owner?) and other information about yourself.



Outstanding sources

 In Los Angeles, California:

The Gumbo Pot
Thee's Continental Bakery

Send us your comments and questions.


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