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In Los Angeles, California, USA

The Gumbo Pot for a muffoletta sandwich

LOS ANGELES, California, USA — Muffoletta lovers in Los Angeles have a source for authentic muffoletta sandwiches.  The Gumbo Pot specializes in New Orleans cuisine and is located in the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax.

The Gumbo Pot spells is sandwich muffelata and doesn't include the mortadella or emmentaler, but the sandwich is a worthy substitute when in Los Angeles.

The muffoletta sandwich at the Gumbo Pot is made on a round, 7” diameter, muffoletta loaf and costs $9.50 for a whole sandwich – which is large enough for a truck driver or for two ordinary accountants.  However, a better choice is the special muffoletta, with double the amount of meat, cheese and olive salad.  The special muffoletta tastes almost as good as the Central Grocery’s original (adding the mortadella and emmentaler would help).  Ask for the “special muffoletta – with double everything”.]

Joe O'Connell is senior research specialist for Muffoletta Ltd., the official resource for information about the authentic muffoletta.

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