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Muffoletta bread, salad and sandwich

Muffoletta means a bread, a salad and a sandwich.  The bread originated hundreds of years ago in central Sicily.  The olive salad also developed in the Mediterranean, and Sicilian immigrants brought them to New Orleans around 1900.  The sandwich was developed in 1906 by a Sicilian immigrant in New Orleans.

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Local sources -- request for assistance

The Muffoletta Society requests the public's assistance to identify local markets and deli's, in cities around the world, that sell authentic muffoletta bread, muffoletta olive salad, and muffoletta sandwiches.  This website will maintain a database with this information.  So please send us an email with the markets and deli's in your town.

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This is the official website of the Muffoletta. 
 This website presents authoritative information on the muffoletta bread, salad, sandwich and related information.  For additional information or corrections, please email our research staff.

Muffoletta Society

The Muffoletta Society is a worldwide community of those who appreciate the rich appearance, taste and texture of the authentic muffoletta bread, salad and sandwich.

The Muffoletta Society provides consumers and companies around the world with information and advice about the authentic Sicilian bread known as the Muffoletta and the olive salad and New Orleans sandwich.

Members of the Muffoletta Society participate in a community to exchange recipes and information, such as bakers and markets which sell the bread, salad and sandwich in cities around the world.

Information about membership in the Muffoletta Society is available here.

The Muffoletta website provides authoritative information about the Sicilian bread, the olive salad, and New Orleans sandwich.


This is a new site which is currently under development. 
It is scheduled for completion in December, 2003. 
In the meantime, please email your questions, suggestions, corrections and comments.

Researchers and reviewers . . .

This muffoletta website seeks researchers and reviewers from around the world, including Sicily and New Orleans.  Researchers will analyze the historical records and provide information on the website.  Reviewers will sample local muffoletta and write reviews of their findings.

Please contact us to volunteer.

How to spell muffoletta

No other word in any language has so many spelling variations, including muffoletto, muffuletta, muffaletta, muffeletta, muffalata, muffaleta, muffalatta, muffalotta, muffaletto. muffelata, muffuletto, muffelatta, muffeleta, muffeletto, muffuleta, muffolette, muffuletti, muffoletta, muffulata, muffulette, muffoleto, muffalette, muffoletti, muffolatta, muffalota, muffaleto, muffalet, muffolata, muffolet, muffeleto, muffulet, muffiletta, muffolotta, muffelette, muffalita, muffelotta, muffulotta, muffalutta, muffaletti and muffelet.

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