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Muffoletta bread discovered in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, California, USA — Muffoletta lovers in Los Angeles have discovered a local baker who sells the authentic muffoletta bread.  A small bakery called Thee's Continental Bakery, in the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax, sells a 7" muffoletta.

Thee’s developed the muffoletta bread for its next-door neighbor, The Gumbo Pot.  Thee’s bread attains the authentic appearance, taste and texture of the New Orleans original, though it has a diameter of only 7”.  As a result, the bread and the sandwich made with it is only half as large as the original.

Remember high school geometry:  the area of a circle equals pi times the radius squared.  Thus, the area of a 7” muffoletta is only half that of a 10” loaf.

Thee’s muffoletta bread should be ordered at least a day in advance. Customers should order several extra loaves, which can be frozen in air-tight freezer bags and kept in perfect condition for several weeks.

Joe O'Connell is senior research specialist for Muffoletta Ltd., the official resource for information about the authentic muffoletta.

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